CRERF  – Commercial Real Estate Research Forum






Name and Objectives


Section 1: The name of this organization shall be known as CRERF - Commercial Real

Estate Research Forum (hereafter “CRERF”).


Section 2: The organization’s purpose shall be (1) to enhance its members’ knowledge

of commercial real estate; (2) to promote professional standards in improving the quality of real estate research; (3) to provide a venue for networking opportunities; (4) and to

provide educational opportunities from guest speakers and programs.


Section 3: CRERF shall not consider or act upon partisan political, religious or other

matters unrelated to the objectives of the organization.






It is the mission of CRERF to promote effective research capabilities in the real estate

industry by providing professional development opportunities and the exchange of ideas.






Section 1: Individuals professionally involved in commercial real estate research,

marketing, financial and economic analysis or persons seeking a better understanding of economic and commercial real estate trends shall be eligible for membership in CRERF.


Membership may also consist of full-time students enrolled in an undergraduate or

graduate college or university programs with an emphasis in real estate.


Section 2: Members must be listed on a spreadsheet that is maintained by the

Secretary. Any changes or additions to the membership list shall be forwarded to the

Secretary. The Secretary will advise Officers if there are changes to the list.


Section 3: Members must pay an annual (January-December) membership fee to be

determined by the Officers each year or pay the non-member fees for activities. New

members must pay the membership fee before the first event they attend while all other

members must pay the membership fee each January as requested through Eventbrite.


Section 4: A member may be expelled for cause by a two-thirds vote of the elected

Officers. Any member under consideration for expulsion shall be given advance notice of  such proceedings and shall be given the opportunity to present written or oral defense for the consideration of the elected Officers.

Section 5: Members are responsible for using the membership list only for purposes of

personal networking, posting jobs, asking industry questions or official CRERF business. This list is confidential and shall not be shared with anyone outside of the organization without elected Officers’ approval. Members shall not disclose privileged or confidential information to unauthorized parties. Members shall not ask other members for proprietary industry information unless that information is offered. Use of the list or membership for other purposes than what the bylaws dictate are grounds for membership termination.


Section 6: Membership is on an individual basis (not company-wide) and is transferable for same individual in like position at another company.


Section 7: Membership shall be terminated if (1) unpaid lunch fee or (2) unpaid returned check or charge plus additional fees are not reimbursed to CRERF within three months from the date of function. Additional fees include the current bank’s NSF fee and other fees incurred through Eventbrite. Only one notice will be sent.


Section 8: Members are encouraged to find a presenter and/or coordinate, arrange and

host a luncheon or other function.






Section 1: The governance of the organization, the direction of its work and the control of its property shall be vested in the elected Officers.


Section 2: Elected Officers shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary,

Treasurer and Web Master (publisher). Directors may be chosen by the Elected Officers

to assist Officers.


Section 3: The term of office is two years. The term will commence on January 1

following an election in October of the previous year.


Section 4: The President and/or Vice President shall preside at CRERF meetings,

supervise the program activities and the agenda, and introduce the meeting host and

speaker. The President and/or Vice President shall insure that the yearly meeting

calendar is established and that each meeting is arranged. It shall be the duty of the

President and/or Vice President to insure that CRERF is represented in issues,

decisions and activities that affect the membership and/or the entities they represent.

He/she shall supervise the business affairs of CRERF and serve as a liaison between

the real estate community and CRERF. The President and/or Vice President shall call

special meetings whenever it is deemed to be in the best interest of CRERF.


Section 5: The immediate past-President shall act in an advisory capacity to the current President and Officers following the election on matters of previous CRERF activities and assist in providing continuity in leadership up to the new term. Every retiring President shall receive the title of “Past President.”


Section 6: The Vice President shall preside at CRERF meetings and must be present if

the President is not able to attend. It shall be the duty of the Vice President to share with the President the responsibility to develop and implement major program activities. The

Vice President shall assist the President as requested.


Section 7: It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep and update the membership

spreadsheet and provide copies to Officers when changes and additions are made. The

membership roster is confidential to CRERF and will not be sold or provided to outside

parties for any reason other than CRERF business. The Secretary shall record and

maintain the minutes of membership and Officer meetings when necessary. He/she shall email meeting and program notices via Eventbrite, tally RSVPs, record member

attendance at meetings, create and maintain name tags for all members and guests, and perform other official business of CRERF as needed.  A Director is chosen by the

President and Vice President to serve as backup for Secretary.


Section 8: The Treasurer shall be in charge of and responsible for all funds, receive

monies and give receipts for funds due and payable to CRERF from any source and

deposit all funds in a separate bank account set up for CRERF exclusively. All checks

shall be signed by the Treasurer. The Treasurer shall keep accurate records and shall

make reports on a regular basis at every meeting or upon the request of the President.

The Treasurer will be responsible for ordering and/or paying for meeting food and drinks within a set budget to be determined by the Officers.


Section 9: The Webmaster shall establish and maintain the CRERF website,  Meeting notices and presentations should be posted on the website in a timely manner along with any additional information as required or requested by the

Officers. All website requests must be approved by a majority of the Officers.


Section 9: A Board of Directors is chosen by the Elected Officers and shall assist

Elected Officers with projects, presentation topics, website maintenance, coordination of networking functions, information or direction of forum and consist of no more than four individuals at one time. The immediate Past President will serve as a member of the Board of Directors.


Section 10: The President and Vice President will approve membership applications

with 30 days of submittal and notify new members of such.






Section 1: Elections shall be announced in September and conducted in October via

electronic ballot. Notices will be announced at both monthly meetings and via email.

Section 2: Nominations for open positions will be accepted through September 30 by

the Secretary.  Members may nominate themselves or another member. The

prerequisite for being nominated and elected as President is to serve one term as either Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer or Webmaster of CRERF.


Section 3: Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of all CRERF members via an

electronic ballot. Each voting member shall be entitled to one vote for each position open for election. The nominees receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected. In the event of a tie, a new ballot shall be created and distributed for those tied. Student members will not be eligible to vote in general elections.


Section 4: Ballots will be counted by the third week of October and announced the

following week.  Officers will take office January 1 of the next year.


Section 5: If the President becomes unable or ineligible to fulfill a term of office, the Vice President shall move into that position. In the event a Vice President, Secretary,

Treasurer or Webmaster becomes unable or ineligible to fulfill the term of office, the

Officers will appoint another member to fulfill the existing term.

Section 6: Elections for the President and Vice President shall be conducted in even

years and elections for Secretary, Treasurer and Webmaster to be held in odd years.






Section 1: This organization shall hold its regular meetings throughout the year as

determined by Officers. Meeting luncheons are generally held two times each quarter.

Regular membership meeting notices shall be emailed to each member one to three

weeks before the meeting date, normally within the last two weeks of the month. Such

notices will include the date, time and place of the meeting, and in the case of special

meetings, the purpose. The Calendar of Events on the website will serve as a notice for

dates, times and locations. Happy Hours will occasionally be held and may be

sponsored by CRERF members.


Section 2: Either the President or Vice President must be present at each meeting.


Section 3: The luncheon dues are payable in advance online (if applicable) to CRERF

via Eventbrite with an RSVP or the Treasurer may collect luncheon dues at the door

before the meeting begins. Any checks from members for lunch are to be made payable to CRERF. Actual lunch cost from caterer/restaurant per person should not exceed an amount to be determined by the Officers annually to cover monthly operating costs. Name tags are to be given to individuals that have paid before they enter the meeting room.


Section 4: IOUs for lunch fees will not be accepted at meetings. Please see Article III,


Section 7 for returned check policy.






Section 1: These bylaws may be altered, amended or repealed and new bylaws may be

proposed by a simple majority of the Officers. Notice should be given of the intention to alter, amend, or repeal these bylaws or to adopt new bylaws before meetings and via

email by the Secretary to explain which changes are to be considered.


Section 2: Alternatively, any changes, amendments or repeals of bylaws may be

adopted by the vote of the majority of the Elected Officials and Directors and ratification by CRERF members via email through the Secretary. To be amended, an affirmative vote will be required by the greater of 15 members or 10 percent of the voting members.


Articles Revised: August 2015